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Congress blames BJP for increased lynching

Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala said,  Even as the President of India has showed the mirror of truth to the BJP Government on the growing incidents of ‘mob frenzy’ that has become “irrational, uncontrollable” and has tacit protection and support of the BJP Government, Shri Amit Shah has restored to falsehood and utter brazenness. The BJP President, instead of listening to the conscience keeper of the Nation, has most shamelessly chosen to ignore the reality of a bizarre yet concerted ‘Lynching Movement’ which the Government has overtly supported and encouraged in the last few months. Facts never lie, they speak for themselves.  Is it not a fact that more than 50 cases of lynching and mob justice have taken place in the past 3 years, under BJP rule? (Please see Annexure A). Sangh Parivar organizations associated with to BJP, including Bajrang Dal and VHP have actively been instrumental in many of these dastardly acts. Why has no action being taken against them?  Is it not a fact that majority of the lynching incidents have taken place this year- in 2017? Is it not a fact that both Hindus and Muslims have lost lives in these cowardly acts of mob justice? 

Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi had recently in Sabarmati Ashram called vigilante justice in the name of ‘Gau Raksha’ – “completely unacceptable”. He had made a similar statement, last year in August. But nothing seems to have changed? Why doesn’t the voice of Shri Modi, who sheds crocodile tears occasionally (for public consumption) by invoking Gandhiji and Vinoba Bhave never reaches the vigilante nor is the rule of law and constitution upheld to punish them? Yesterday, Nityanand Mahto, the media in-charge of BJP's Ramgarh unit, Jharkhand was arrested over last week's mob lynching of a man. Nityanand Mahto instigated the mob; a video of the incident shows that the BJP leader was not just present at the spot but he dragged Ansari out of the van. As he watched, the mob then thrashed Ansari mercilessly (according to the Jharkhand police). In May, a similar incident took place in which Gautam Verma (27), his brother Vikas Verma (25), and their friend Gangesh Gupta were killed by a similar mob in Jharkhand. Even their 80 year old grandmother was not spared and badly beaten by the mob, while the police watched on as mute spectators.  Will Shri Amit Shah blame Congress-UPA for the merciless death of these individuals, where his own party men are involved?  Such incidents where mob kills and lynches with impunity have occurred in every BJP-ruled State. Rumours are spread by vested interests to mobilize mobs who then are encouraged to attack their ‘targets’ with a State-aided ‘license to kill’. The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi talks about ‘New India’- Is this the ‘New India’ which his party wants to create where ruthless mobs take law in their own hands and hapless people are lynched and beaten to death?  Shri Modi and Shri Amit Shah must have taken note of the nationwide protests by citizen and civil society groups which have once again shaken the consciousness of the Nation. It is high time; the BJP Government takes note of this widespread mob frenzy and lynching incidents, rightly flagged by the President of India and Congress President yesterday. Instead of falsification, lies and distortion, without any facts or numbers, the BJP would do better to take note of the anger which is engulfing the citizens of India against vigilantism by their own party men. Three years have passed, and we have seen enough platitudes, speeches and alibis, it is time for some corrective action.