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Undermining and Subverting the Authority of an Elected Government has become the hallmark of the BJP : Congress 

7, July, 2017

severely., Ms Sushmita Dev, Spokesperson, AICC , in a statment issued on 5th july said Undermining and Subverting the Authority of an Elected Government has become the hallmark of the BJP 
Ms. Dev said we are once again pained to say that the Prime Minister of India gives a message to the Nation to uphold the Constitutional provisions but what comes as a rude shock is that last night in the Union Territory of Pudducherry, Lt. Governor Ms. Kiran Bedi Ji has unilaterally appointed three MLAs to the Assembly without consulting the Council of Ministers. Shri V. Swaminathan who happens to be the President of the State Unit in Pudducherry of BJP, Shri K.G. Shankar who is the BJP Treasurer of the State BJP Unit in Pudducherry and Shri Selva Ganapathy who is openly known as a Member of the RSS Cadre were administered the oath as MLAs by the Lt. Governor whereas, as per convention, it is the Speaker who administers the oath.  Now, the question is that over the past many years, it has been the Constitutional practice and precedent that whenever a Member is nominated under this Provision of the 1963 Act which is known as the Government Union Territory Act under which there are Rules of Business of the Government of Pudducherry which are by virtue of Section 46 of the Main Act, has been seen that the Lt. Governor have always acted on the advice of the Council of Ministers.  We are all aware that in Pudducherry, we have an elected Government. We have a legitimate Government functioning there but it is shocking that a Lt. Governor without any consultation with the legitimately elected Government should go and in cahoots with the ruling party of the Government of India, BJP appoints three Members to the Legislative Assembly and three Members who are blatantly being partisanly selected. The question that comes to mind is that a Prime Minister who talks of upholding the Constitution should be answering to the Nation that what is the reason that the Lt. Governor should not seek the advice of the Council of Ministers.

The action of LG is suspect and it is blasphemous more so because it has become a trend in this country since the NDA has formed Government at the Centre.  We have seen how Government after Government has been toppled and President's rule has been imposed whether it is Arunachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand, we have seen recently in Manipur and Goa that despite the fact that it was not the BJP and the Congress which emerged as a single largest party, we were not invited by the Governor's office.  We believe this is the pure hypocrisy on the part of the Prime Minister of India who at every step talks about upholding the Constitution but he is very much a party to its denigration. His party BJP is very much a party to consistent violation of the Constitution of India. We saw what happened in Uttarakhand with Shri Harish Rawat. Today we would like to condemn this act of the Lt. Governor of Pudducherry and remind her that she holds up a Constitutional post, to remind her that as the Lt. Governor of a Union Territory, she also swears by her duty to protect and uphold the Constitution and she has blatantly violated a well-set precedent and Constitutional practice of consulting an elected Government. We would like to bring it to the attention of my friends in the Media that Hon'ble Chief Minister Pudducherry has written to the Prime Minister reminding him that a Government which talks consistently of co-operative federalism has today shown complete and sheer disregard and insulted the elected Government.  A petition in the Hon'ble High Court has been filed to take legal recourse and I hope that the Hon'ble Court will uphold the long standing practice and procedure which previous Governments have followed. There had been some gaps when no MLAs had been selected but whenever there has they have been selected to the Assembly, it has been done after due consultation with the elected Governments.