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The BJP is shamelessly Denigrating, Decimating & Abusing the Institution of the Governor- Congress

7 July, 2017

Ms Sushmita Dev, Spokesperson, AICC , in  a statment  issued on 5th july slamed, the BJP Government for  using the august office of 'Governor' to serve the conspiratorial political machinations of BJP-Sangh Parivar. Modi Government is shamelessly denigrating, decimating & abusing the Institution of the Governor to destabilize elected Governments. Entire nation has witnessed as to how over last three years, 'Raj Bhavans' have become the centre points for encouraging mass defections, as also undermining and subverting the authority of democratically elected Governments. 
Lt. Governor of Puducherry, Smt Kiran Bedi (the former failed BJP CM candidate of Delhi & self styled instigator against previous UPA Government) violated every established norm and tradition to swear in 3 defeated BJP candidates as nominated MLA's in the dead of the night yesterday i.e July 4, 2017. Ironical as it is, one of the three nominated MLA's preferred and sworn in is Shri V Saminathan, BJP President of Puducherry, another is Shri K G Shankar, BJP treasurer of Puducherry and third one is a RSS member Shri Selvaganapathy. Not only does it flagrantly violate provisions of Rules of Business of Government of Puducherry 1963, framed under section 46 of the Government of Union Territory Act and Articles 239 and also 309 of Constitution of India, it is prescribed that the Business of the Government of Puducherry shall have to be transacted in accordance with the said Rules. In the said Rules, the Business of the Government is classified into two categories and Rule a (1) specifies the matters with respect to which council is required under section 44 of the Act, to aid and advise the Administrator and the sub-rule (2) of Rule 4, prescribes transaction methods of remaining business of the Government. It once again establishes the manner in which Lt. Governor of Puducherry is acting as a political puppet, sub serving the interests of BJP rather than upholding the Constitution of India and well established laws & procedures. 
Simultaneously, another news emanating from West Bengal points out towards the disrespectful, distasteful and overbearing conduct of Bengal Governor Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi towards an elected woman Chief Minister. Never in the history of India has the Governor acted in such partisan fashion, insulting and shouting at a Chief Minister to serve the interests of the ruling political party at the Centre. This is a clear disregard of the Constitution and disrespect of people's mandate.
Both these Governors Smt. Kiran Bedi & Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi have compromised the basic tenants of Constitutional propriety and must cease to continue in the high office of the Governor.


 BJP Government has become a habitual offender in undermining the institution of the Governor and using them as political tool to subvert and subjugate the will of people and every established tenant of Democracy. Truth is that BJP appointees to the office of Governor, are becoming chief conspirators and propagandists to carry forward the agenda of destroying democracy, instead of protecting the Constitution.
Entire nation remembers as to how the Arunachal Governor J B Rajkhowa played a diabolical game in bringing down an elected Congress Government through mass defections with full support, aid and abetment by the BJP's Central Government. A similar conspiracy was hatched against Shri Harish Rawat led previous Congress Government in Uttarakhand with role of Raj Bhavan under a serious cloud. None less than the highest court ie Supreme Court quashed the imposition of President's Rule and destabilization of elected Government in Arunachal Pradesh.  Learning no lessons, BJP Government has continued with its sinister game plan of converting majority will into minority through the pliable appointees to the august appointees of Governor. In India's history, recent role of Manipur and Goa Governors, in converting absolute minority into majorities, will be remembered as classical cases of annihilating democracy at the altar of political expediency. Entire nation witnessed as Smt Najma Heptullah, Governor of Manipur disregarded the Congress party's majority and permitted a defeated BJP accompanied by a motley group to be sworn in to fulfill the agenda of PM, Shri Narendra Modi and BJP President, Shri Amit Shah. Goa Governor, Smt. Mridula Sinha went a step further by consulting BJP Union Finance Minister on formation of Government in utter and shameful disregard for the Constitution. Shockingly, she chose to ignore the Congress party with biggest mandate of 18 legislators in a house of 40 and chose a minority legislator party like BJP which was rejected with 11 MLA's. Country's conscience was shocked as BJP-RSS appointee and then Meghalaya Governor, Shri V Shanmuganathan was caught running a 'ladies club' out of Raj Bhavan and his nefarious activities embarrassed everyone to an extent that President of India had to call for his resignation. One of the worst offenders, who continues as Governor of Tripura is Shri Tathagata Roy. His provocative tweets and facebook posts and intemperate statements on a daily basis incite violence and create disharmony, both social and religious, among communities and states. Yet, BJP encourages him in these endeavors.